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My website will guide you through my career goals (of course it will be about bobsledding!).

At the moment, my bobsledding career is extremely important to me. It's a huge challenge for me, too as I know that there may be a lot of success and disappointment along the path I have chosen. But the goal is clear: hear the Slovak anthem after the race!

Well, that's not all there is to my life. As I have already mentioned,I successfully graduated in 2022. My graduate work in high school was: Preparation of an athlete for the Olympic Games in the bobsleigh category.

I will have to decide soon whether to continue my studies at a university. One thing is clear, however. If I go to a university, it will be FTVŠ(Faculty of Physical Education and Sports) for sure. My life goal is to be the best active athlete and later a sports manager. There are countless possibilities in the field of sports to put my practical sports as well as theoretical skills and experience into use.


My goal for a far-away future? Work for the International Olympic and Sports Committee and later perhaps also for the international one!