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 Bobsled is a sport that is extremely demanding in all respects. From the bobsled itself, through equipment, training in the gym, on the track, helmets, overalls, sneakers, shoes to nutritional supplements ... Since we do not have a bobsled track in Slovakia, I have to train abroad. There is bobsled training machines and devices in the Czech Republic - in Liberec and Prague. The closest bobsled tracks are in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Latvia ... and then in America. There are 17 bobsled tracks, of which only 11 are in operation, and we train at maximum of 5-6 of them during the season.

Some people might say - what kind of sport is it which cannot be practices in front of a block of flats? Why invent nonsense and rush through an ice trough 130 km per hour? Why risk health and life? Why spend heavy money on such a weird sport when you can have a nice walk behind the village for free? Yes, they are right – in their own unique way. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

However, a weird thing happened to me when I sat down in a bobsled for the third time in my life - I fell in love. I fell in love with speed, adrenaline, trying to be the best and fastest. I felt the need to want to defeat my opponents, to win a medal. And then another. To see the Slovak flag rising above the podium and listen to the Slovak anthem, celebrating my success.

It was a small miracle that right at the beginning of my bobsled career, as a brakeman in the first Slovak women's double, piloted by Viki Čerňanská - a silver medalist from the Youth Olympics (YOG) in the Women's Monobob from 2020, we finished third in Sigulda, Latvia (European Cup). We also finished third at the Junior World Championships in the under-23 category in St. Moritz, Switzerland. A year later, we took second place at the same World Championships.

This gave me courage and helped me understand that I wanted to be a bobsledder - a pilot. My huge advantage is my age. At the World Championships in St. Moritz in January 2021, Viki and I were the youngest bobsledders ever. We were only 18 years old. The peak career is usually reached at the age of 28 and over. I believe I have a huge potential to get to the top.

 Let me outline what an average bobsled season entails financially. Of course, I am supported by my family, the Slovak Bobsled Association and my coaches, but in order to hear the Slovak anthem one day at the podium, I need to train as much as possible, take part in competitions (the Olympics is my goal) and I also need quality equipment and adequate sports training.

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